Music Event: Guitar Wolf


Band: Guitar Wolf  (ギターウルフ)

When: Tuesday 5th June 2012 — 8:00pm

Where: The Cluny (Directions)

Price: £12.00 (£13.20 with booking) Buy Tickets Here

Support: ‘Fathoms’

Restrictions: Over 18’s only

Officially Guitar Wolf’s music is listed as “jet rock ‘n’ roll”  and it’s a pretty apt description. Blending Ramones style punk with rockabilly, noise and garage rock n’ roll Guitar Wolf have their own unique style and they are bringing it to Newcastle in June 2012.

Formed in Harajuku in 1987 Guitar Wolf have gone on to release nine studio albums as well as several EPs and a live album. The band each adopted the surname Wolf to reflect the Ramones influence on the band, and their instrument as their first names. The band consist of Guitar Wolf (Seiji), Bass Wolf (U.G) and Drum Wolf (Toru), U.G is the most recent member of the band joining in 2005 after the previous Bass Wolf (Billy) sadly passed away.

Guitar Wolf are known not only for their music but their style, decked out in leather from head to toe, rockabilly styled haircuts and always rocking the shades. Their live shows ooze as much cool as their appearance does, ignoring the frantic pace that they play at reportedly the live shows in the past have seen props such as giant over sized amps, huge light displays and microphones that spew fire. How much of that will be in the Cluny is debatable, but what’s not is that Guitar Wolf will be delivering a frantic live show with an unmatched energy that will assault your eardrums.

Visit the official site here


2 comments on “Music Event: Guitar Wolf

  1. Holy crap, Guitar Wolf are playing in newcastle??! GO AND SEE THEM!!! I’m gutted I’ll be missing this. They are awesome. And if you haven’t already seen it, we should watch Wild Zero in summer! Punk rock zombie mayhem!

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