Late Shows: Origami & More



The Late Shows: Free Origami & More

When: Saturday May 19th 2012, (7-11pm)

Where: Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University (Directions)

Price: Free!

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Fancy trying a spot of late night origami? Then pop along to the Hatton Gallery on the 19th of May after 7pm and you can help to create an origami installation. While you are there you can also watch a slow motion dance, drink some relaxing and healthy drinks in the therapy bar or even try your hand at the Chinese art discipline of Tai chi.

Now in its sixth year The Late Rooms main objective is to encourage people to visit museums and galleries that they may not have visited before by opening up spaces after dark for a weekend. The multitude of venues that take part in The Late Rooms means that you can plan your own cultural crawl across the city. Find the full details here.

Origami (折り紙) is the Japanese art of paper folding, and began at some point after paper was introduced by Buddhist monks to Japan in the 6th century. The first recorded use of origami was in 1680 in a Poem by Ihara Saikaku which described the use of origami butterflies in Shinto weddings. The first known origami guide book was written in Japan in 1797 and origami became ingrained into Japanese culture and lore, with memorable tales of paper birds that turned into real ones becoming common children’s stories.

Modern origami owes much to Akira Yoshizawa’s resurgence of the art form in 1954, from there Origami has grown into a global phenomenon with increasingly complex designs forming incredible creations that baffle the mind with their ingenuity. Of course simplicity still holds strong with the paper crane remaining one of the simplest and most popular origami designs the world over.


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