Film Event: Eat The Kimono


Film: Eat The Kimono (W/Guest Speaker)

When: Thursday 24th May – 7:30pm

Where: The Star and Shadow Cinema (Directions)


Price: FREE (£1 membership to Star and Shadow required)

As part of the ‘Louder Now! Feminism on Film’ season the Star and Shadow presents the documentary Eat the Kimono about Hanayagi Genshu, a Japanese dancer, actress, feminist and political activist who challenged the conservative culture of Japan.

After spending 8 months in prison for stabbing a dance teacher, Genshu returned to her life as a performer and began to challenge Japanese conventions by performing her dance routines in a kimono whilst wearing an oversized doll’s head. Across her life Genshu made public clams of racism towards Koreans in the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Japan and denounced Emperor Hirohito as a war criminal. The title comes from her famous quote “You mustn’t be eaten by the kimono. You must eat the kimono, and gobble it up.”

The event will feature a guest speaker: Dr Nobuko Anan (Northumbria University) – “Dr Anan’s main research interests are modern and contemporary Japanese theatre/performance and visual arts, and the way that they intersect with nationhood and gender/sexuality in transnational contexts.”


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