Guide To Buying Manga In Newcastle



In the latest of our ‘guides to’ series we present Geordie Japan’s guide to buying Manga in Newcastle, a separate guide for Anime will follow.


Brief History

A Typical Manga Page

Manga ( 漫画) is the Japanese form of comic books, its history dates back into ancient Japanese art, but the modern form of Manga as we know it appeared in the early 20th century.  Manga is widely read in Japan by all ages and levels of society, it is not unusual to see a salary man (business man) sat on the subway reading an issue. Many different types of Manga exist encompassing a whole host of genres and age ranges; so you can always find something that will appeal to your interests. The popularity and availability of Manga in the West has increased dramatically in recent years, with the medium moving from just being available in speciality comic shops to mainstream book stores. 


Where to buy

Travelling Man (Directions)

A Specialised comic and Manga shop, with the largest selection of Japanese Manga in Newcastle. Travelling Man has the benefit that they can almost always order something in for you if they are not currently stocking it. There are often some great Manga offers and sale items for purchase, the staff are always really eager to recommend and help whenever they can. Check out our Travelling Man feature here.


Forbidden Planet (Directions)

A specialised science fiction and geeky store, that also trades largely in comic books. The store has a rapidly expanding Manga section and you can find most of the big titles here along with some more obscure ones. Part of the Manga is labelled as ‘USA Manga’, this refers to being imported from America, rather than actually being American made Manga.


WH Smiths (Directions)

This store focuses mainly on selling books and magazines; despite this they do have a dedicated graphic novel section on the ground floor which features a manga display. WH Smiths has a respectable selection of the most popular Manga books available, don’t expect to find any hard to find titles here.


Waterstones (Directions)

Much the same as WH Smith, Waterstones stocks the only most popular Manga titles.


Newcastle City Library (Directions)

Want Manga for FREE? Well the only place to get that is to loan editions from Newcastle City Library. You will need to get a card (which is free, just ask a member of staff) and you can start renting away. You can find the Manga mixed in with the graphic novel section on the second floor, next to the stairs as you come up. The disadvantage to this is that there is not a large selection and often everything but the first issue is available to loan, which is annoying. You can reserve books for as soon as they come back to the library however.


Online Alternatives

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the stores in Newcastle, or you want to shop for competitive prices, then there is always the online shopping option. Amazon UK probably is the easiest site to use and has a huge selection.


Events in Newcastle

Manga themed events happen occasionally at Travelling Man, Newcastle City Library and Gateshead Central Library, keep an eye on Geordie Japan’s main page for any upcoming events. Recently a Manga and Anime convention took place in Sunderland named SunnyCon.


External Links

How to Read Manga (Not as straight forward as you might think at first)

Travelling Man

Forbidden Planet




Tip: Looking for a place to begin with Manga? Try the Death Note series, it’s often on sale 3 for 2 and it’s Geordie Japan’s Manga of choice.


Know anywhere else that sells Manga in Newcastle? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it into the article.


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