Following on from our guide to Manga in Newcastle, we present Geordie Japan’s guide to Anime in Newcastle.



Astro Boy, one of the longest running Anime series of all time.

Anime (アニメ) is the animated form of Manga comics and is one of Japan’s main cultural exports to the West. The first known animated cartoon made in Japan was in 1919 and the art form was quickly perfected, by the 1960’s several successful animated features had been produced. Many well known Manga books were adapted into animated form in the 1980s, along with the space opera Anime TV shows which gripped the public in the wake of Star Wars; these gave a surge to animation production in Japan leading for the form to be thoroughly integrated into the mainstream. Japanese Anime has had success outside of Japan in recent years, Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli features are released by Disney in the West with ‘Spirited Away’ winning best animated feature at the Oscars in 2003. Elsewhere both ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Akira’ have developed large cult followings around their films and in the early 2000’s Pokemon became an international sensation.


**Where to Buy

Forbidden Planet

This specialised Sci-Fi store stocks a large amount of Anime films ranging from the obvious to the obscure. You can find it on the right hand side when you enter, just next to the till point. The staff can help you with any questions you might have and it’s always good to support you local stores like this.



This megastore features an extensive Anime selection; it is located on the top floor next to the martial arts films. HMV stocks most major Anime series as well as some of the more obscure titles. You can request Anime not in stock to be put on order for you.



About halfway into the store, facing the entrance on the central pillar, you can find a small selection of second hand Anime films. The films and box sets are always accepted in good condition and a bargain can often be found in the store; however you cannot guarantee what stock they will have in. Always worth a check though.


That’s Entertainment

On the upper floor you can find in the Children’s section a display of Anime films. You are unlikely to find any stand alone features here, although you never know. What you tend to find are disks with 2-3 episodes of a series on, however as they sell for about £1.99 each this can be a good way of testing out a series before you commit to buying a whole box set.


Online Alternatives

If you’re looking to compare prices, or just plain can’t find what you’re looking for then Amazon UK or are sure to have it if it’s on Region 2 release (and sometimes other regions too).

HMV's Anime Selection

**Where To Watch

Tyneside Cinema

The most likely venue in Newcastle to be playing a new release Anime, that being said beyond studio Ghibli it is unusual to find any getting a mainstream release anywhere. You are more likely to find older Anime titles under the cult classics season that the cinema programmes.


Star and Shadow

No new release films are played at the Star and Shadow but often unusual or classic films get a replay here. Occasionally Anime seasons pop up here so it is worth keeping an eye out.


Any upcoming Anime films screening will be reported on Geordie Japan’s main page in the events bar.


**Anime Events

Anime themed events happen occasionally at Travelling Man, Newcastle City Library and Gateshead Central Library, keep an eye on Geordie Japan’s main page for any upcoming events. Recently a Manga and Anime convention took place in Sunderland named SunnyCon.


The poster for My Neighbour Totoro, one of Studio Ghibli's most popular animes.

**External Links

 Forbidden Planet


Tyneside Cinema

Star and Shadow



Know anywhere else that sells Anime in Newcastle? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it into the article.


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