Olympics: Japan Vs Morocco

This Event has now passed

Event: Japan vs Morocco (Football)

When: 29 July 2012 — 19:45

Where: St. James Park (Sport Direct Arena) (Directions)

Price: Unknown, Tickets on Sale in May (Check Back Soon For Updates)

Match15— Japan vs Morocco — St. James Park.

Olympic football is notoriously different to that of the World Cup as in the spirit of the original games the players are supposed to be non-professional athletes. The distinction in what is and isn’t a professional is somewhat blurry so the rules state that the team must be composed of under 23′s (3 players may be above that age) and no player that has competed in a World Cup tournament may enter the Olympics (the same restrictions do not apply to Women). This has produced some results that seem bizarre when compared to the ‘major leagues’ results and winners, with such Olympic football teams as Uruguay winning two Olympics in a row. This arguably makes the results more exciting and unpredictable than the World Cup as it appears that anyone has a shot at winning!

Other Games that will be played for certain at St. James Park are;


Match 2: Mexico Vs South Korea

Match 5: Gabon Vs Switzerland

Match 17: Brazil Vs New Zealand

Match 12: Spain Vs Honduras

Match 15: Japan Vs Morocco

Match 27: Winner Group C Vs Runner Up Group D


Match 14: Canada Vs Sweden

Match 16: France Vs Colombia

Match 20: Winner Group G Vs Third Place E or F

Howay Samurai Blue!


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