75p Film Event: Audition


Film: Audition (オーディション)

When: Saturday 27th May – 5.50am

Where: The Tyneside Cinema (Directions)

Website: https://www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/whats-on/films/view/audition

Price: 0.75p

Perhaps Takashi Miike’s most infamous film, to recount the plot would be to spoil the film so to give you an idea of what it’s about without spoilers: When Aoyama  decides it is time he remarried after his wife’s death he is convinced by his friend to hold a fake movie audition that is really to help Aoyama find a partner. When the beautiful Asami walks in Aoyama is instantly smitten with her and they begin a relationship, but soon things start to go very, very wrong. This film is best enjoyed without watching any trailers or looking it up on the internet, so if you have never seen it before, try to watch it with no idea of the plot. This is one of Geordie Japan’s most beloved film’s and we recommend everyone try and see it, even if you can’t make the late showing time, try and pick it up on DVD!

The Tyneside Cinema is 75 this year and to celebrate it is holding an all night film event with 75 hours of cinema to watch and, whats best, tickets for each film are just 75p! The last two all night events held at the Tyneside have been great successes and sell out quick, so when tickets become available it’s best to snap them up quick!

Other films in the 75th Birthday All Nighter

Classic Cinema

A Clockwork Orange – 10pm

Evil Dead 2 – 1am

Mullholland Drive – 3am

Freaks – 6.10am

The Great Dictatior – 7.55am

The Princess Bride – 10.35am

Jurassic Park – 12.50pm

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert – 3.35pm

Goodfellas – 6pm

Fargo – 9am


Reservoir Dogs – 10.30pm

Donnie Darko – 12.50am

Get Carter – 3.25an

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – 6am

The Ladykillers – 8.30am

Bicycle Thieves – 10.40am

Three Colours Red – 12.45pm

Once Upon A Time in the West – 3.10pm

Annie Hall – 6.30pm

Volver – 8.40pm


Akira – 10.20pm

Chasing Amy – 1.05am

The Wicker Man – 3.40am

Audition – 5.50am

Strangers on a train – 8.25am

The Third Man – 10.45am

Stop Making Sense – 1.05pm

The Marriage of Maria Braun – 3pm

Jules Et Jim – 6.25pm

The Lives Of Others – 8.25pm


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