Film Event: Hara-Kiri Death Of A Samurai





Film: Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai (一命 )

When: 13.05 on Sunday 6th and 15.50 Monday 7th of May.

Where: The Tyneside Cinema (Directions)


Made as a companion piece to 13 Assassins, if 13 Assassins showed the violent and destructive side of the Samurai then Death of A Samurai shows the quiet and reflective side of samurai life. The film stars 13 Assassins star Koji Yakusho and the eleventh holder of the Kabuki dynasty title Ichikawa Ebizo. When Hanshiro, a master-less samurai arrives at the home of Lord Kageyu and requests a place in which he can end his life honorably by Hara-Kiri he is welcomed with tales of a previous Samurai who had arrived requesting the same. What Kageyu does not realise though, is that Hanshiro has more to his visit than just suicide…

Takashi Miike marks his 83rd production with Death of a Samurai, and his first in 3D, although the film has not been given a 3D release in the UK. Miike rose to international fame in 1999 with the film Audition which shocked critics to the core. He followed it up with Dead of Alive, a manic Yakuza film which mixes gritty drama with nonsensical elements and Ichi The Killer, a ultra violent adaptation of a manga novel. Since then Miike has created everything from children’s films to x rated violent actions films, working in the interdependent  and the mainstream Miike can seemingly never stay still in one place.

In Geordie Japan’s opinion Takashi Miike is the most interesting director working today and it’s really important to support his films to ensure more get a UK release (13 Assassins was the first for about 7 years).  So please get yourselves along to catch the film while it passes through the Tyneside!




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