Takeaway Sushi



Sometimes it can be hard to get a variety of food in the city centre of Newcastle when it comes to lunch time. If sandwiches become boring after a while and Prêt don’t have the latest combo in stock, there’s always sushi.

Sushi is vinegared rice combined with neta which is most commonly seafood. Sushi sometimes contains raw slices of fish, known as sashimi. Sushi or nare-zushi was first developed in Southeast Asia, spread to south China and then Japan, where we now commonly associate sushi with.

There are a few places in the city centre to get your hands on some sushi and don’t fret you won’t have to run all the way to China town for it!


Prêt A Manger

Prêt have some sushi trays consisting mainly of salmon and tuna. The trays and sushi themselves are a bit bigger than most places, but so is the price.

There are several Prêts in town. The first is on Grey Street, opposite the Monument. The second is on Northumberland Street, near to Haymarket Metro Station. The third is in Fenwick on Northumberland Street, close to Haymarket Metro Station.


Marks & Spencer

M&S probably has the best array of sushi, ranging from fish and meat sushi to oriental rich balls in different colours! There is something to please everyone and the trays prove a decent size; so if you want to fill up at lunch time you can do so!

Though the sushi packs are £3 each, or £1 for the vegetable snack boxes, M&S has the best range of sushi!

Marks & Spencer is situated on Northumberland Street.


Some of the Sushi on sale at Marks and Spencers



Boots has a pretty basic set of sushi range, as with all their lunches. They have a single pack that provides two salmon and two tuna sushi rolls with rice or seaweed. As with Tesco they get snapped up pretty quick, as it’s fresh light food that still fills you up!

There a few Boots in the town. The first is situated on Blackett Street, next to the Monument Metro. The second is in Eldon Square, opposite the Blackett Street Boots, you can cross the Green sitting area, towards Nandos and Starbucks and follow the stairs just to the right of them up to Boots. The third is situated on Northumberland Street, opposite the Haymarket metro Station.



Tesco has a number of sushi trays available on the meal deal section, all at very decent prices. However whether they’re all out there, and you can get your hands on them is another question. The sushi gets snapped up pretty quickly, as they have a pretty good variety at affordable prices on offer.

There is a Tesco on Express on Percy Street, east of The Gate, near Magic Box.


Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi specialise in sushi, so thankfully they have been so kind and boxed some up for us to take away. Even though the amazing Doriyaki pancakes are not on sale, Yo Sushi has every kind of sushi combination you could ask for. They also stock books on how to make sushi, sparkling water and eastern chilli nuts.

Yo Sushi is situated on the ground floor of Fenwicks, in the food department, on Northumberland Street.


Tesco Sushi

Tesco stocks some nice pre-packaged Sushi


Hi you

Hi you is the new oriental supermarket which has opened up no Newgate Street. It’s a vast space and contains a huge variety of food and drink, all from the far east.

Hi You also provides an exciting take away buffet on the right side of the entrance and has a brilliant selection of sushi. Hi You provide fresh sushi, rather than pre packaged, so though the price might be a little higher than your normal eatery, the sushi is worth it for the fresh quality. Ranging from meat, fish and vegetable sushi, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll like.

Hi You is situated on Newgate Street, on the opposite side of the road to The Gate.



If you know anywhere else that sells takeaway Sushi please let us know either in the comments or via our twitter.


–Aisha Din


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