Mongol & Tadanobu Asano



Not exactly Newcastle exclusive, but the BBC have up on their iplayer the Oscar nominated ‘Mongol’ the story of the young Genghis Kahn starring the amazing Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano, watch it here! Everyone should check the film out while it’s up (will be available until 10:30 on the 27th of May), and why not check out some more of Asano’s work?


Tadanobu Asano (浅野 忠信) was born in Yokohama in 1973, from an unusual parental mix of Japanese and Navajo Native American. Asano made his acting debut in 1988 and quickly into his career made the unusual decision in Japan to only focus on movies and decline all television roles (TV is more lucrative for performers in Japan). He also tends to choose more challenging roles that often wander into the unusual or downright bizarre, but this has grown his fan base to the point that he is now one of the most popular stars in all of Japan. Outside of acting Asano plays in several bands, most notably the noise rock group MACH-1.67 with the director Sogo Ishii. He is also a model, artist and commercial director.

If you have never seen a Japanese film in your life, which is unlikely as you’re here but let’s run with this, you still may be familiar with Asano as he is has begun to expand into Hollywood. Most recently he appeared as Hogun in Marvel Comic’s ‘Thor’ and as Nagata in ‘Battleship’.  He is also set to play a major role in the upcoming Hollywood remake of ‘The 47 Ronin’ opposite Keanu Reeves. There is so much more to Asano than these appearances, so check out Geordie Japan’s top 5 Tadanobu Asano films.


Top 5 Tadanobu Asano Films


5) Tokyo Zombie

Trailer: Click Here

Buy: Click Here

Director: Sakichi Sato

About: Fujio and Mitsuo are two fulltime slackers who work in a fire extinguisher factory. The two spend their lunch hours training to fulfil their dreams of being jujitsu champions. One day, they murder their boss and dump his body on a Tokyo toxic waste dump known as “Black Fuji”. Things suddenly become worse when an army of the undead rises from the waste dump and begin to attack the living. In order to survive, they will have to employ their limited jujitsu skills, to either help or escape Tokyo.


4) Survive Style 5+

Trailer: Click Here

Buy: Click Here

Director: Gen Sekiguchi

About: A man continually trying and failing to get his wife to stay dead; a self-absorbed ad agency creative director who comes up with one unworkable inane idea after another; a British hitman (Vinnie Jones) who only wants to know everyone’s function in life; and an unfortunate office worker and father whose brain is left scrambled after a stage hypnotist is murdered in mid-performance. 5 insane separate stories that weave together to make…more insanity!


3) Electric Dragon 80,000 V

Trailer: Click Here

Buy: Click Here

Director: Sogo Ishii

About: A young boy gets jolted with electricity as he’s climbing a tall cable pylon. As he gets older, he experiences intense fits of violence in which bolts of electricity burst from his fists. Elsewhere in Tokyo, there is an electronics wizard who also happens to be a vigilante with a taste for electric weapons. When the pair catch each other’s attention, the result is a battle that will light up the city.


2) Zatoichi

Trailer: Click Here

Buy: Click Here

Director: Takeshi Kitano

About: Blind Zatoichi makes his living by gambling and giving massages. But behind his humble facade, Zatoichi is a master swordsman, gifted with lightning-fast draw and strokes of breathtaking precision. Zatoichi wanders into a town run by sinister gangs and a powerful samurai. He’s destined for violent showdowns when he stumbles on two beautiful geishas avenging their parents’ murder…


1) Ichi the Killer

Trailer: Click Here

Buy: Click Here

Director: Takashi Miike

About: Yakuza boss Anjo disappears with three hundred million yen. His loyal gang members, lead by the masochist Kakihara, start a search, but their aggressive and gory methods worry the other yakuza gangs. Kakiharas most frightening counterpart is the mysterious Ichi, a psychopathic killer with a dark childhood secret, who is controlled by a retired cop that has created a warped superhero out of the disturbed Ichi.




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