A Trip To Tynemouth 2!

A Trip to Tynemouth 2!

This is a follow up to the first article https://geordiejapan.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/studio-ghibli-a-trip-to-tynemouth/ telling you all about Hayao Miyazakis short comic, A Trip to Tynemouth!

But now we want you to get involved! The accuracy of the comic was so exact, that we at Geordie Japan really feel that Hayao Miyazaki must have come here, and we think that’s so amazing that we want you to get involved!

It’s simple! If you’re ever stuck for a day out, take a day out in Tynemouth and all you have to do is create a sign saying ‘OUR TRIP TO TYNEMOUTH’; hold your sign up at these landmarks, take a photo and you’re literally following Miyazaki around!

Grand hotel – The Grand Hotel is situated on the Grand Parade, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, NE30 4ER. This is where Miyazaki, in the comic, checks in! The inside of the Grand is divine, and just by looking at the front desk, you can see what Miyazaki was seeing!


In the comic Miyazaki seems to double back on himself, but it’s all part of the trip out! From the Grand Hotel, take the road left towards Percy Garden Road and that’ll take you round to Sea Banks Road where you’ll see the Priory Court ruins.

Beach and Priory – Get yourself down to King Edwards Bay, on the beach with the Priory shining in the background and you’ll be where Miyazaki went for a walk! Also a great place to take a picture!

After the Priory and King Edwards Bay, you’ll be walking back up Percy Gardens towards the Grand Hotel. After that you have the choice of the beach or the Grand Parade! It might be easier to stay on the Grand Parade, as there is a roundabout coming up. [see Roundabout info]. Go towards the Blue Reef Aquarium and at the end of the Grand Parade is the Church that graces the front cover of A Trip To Tynemouth! [see Church info] After the Church follow up Beverley Terrace, continue straight up the roundabout to Victoria Crescent. Here is a series of shops and you’re next set of photos!

Slope – The slope features a number of landmarks, all shown in the comic. There is the Dove Laboratory and its amazing big clock, which also proves a nice spot to stand and look out at the sea. There is the RNLI Cullercoats Lifeboat Station and the Boat!

The Boat – On Victoria Crescent is a slope going down the beach, the slope features prominently in the comic and has a few landmarks! Firstly the boat. The Cullercoats boat features in the comic, with the same colour, same place, same writing on it, and considering this comic was written a time ago, it’s uncanny that the boat is EXACTLY the same in the comic.

Pub – Though there is no Pub on the slope, there is the Dove Laboratory and Life Boat Station, both feature, we allow Miyazaki creative license. However if you’re a bit tired from walking, a pub lunch does sound mighty good! Just up the slope are a number of Fish and Chip shops, as well as a Brunos’ Italian, Bills Fish and Chips, Mama Rosas restaurant and the Queens Head, just down the road for a proper pub experience!

After this you’ll be going back up Victoria Crescent, past the Church and back towards the Grand Hotel!

Roundabout – The roundabout is situated on the Grande Parade, it continues onto the Grande Parade towards the Blue Reef Aquarium. In the comic we see Miyazaki and Westall walking up a slope towards the Grand Hotel. This could be the stretch of road between the roundabout and Grand Hotel!

Bench – On the other side of the road to the Grand Hotel, Miyazaki and Westall sit on a bench and talk. There are a few seats around here, but the one in the comic is a big wooden bench. When taking your photo makes sure you’ve got the exquisite Grand Hotel in the background! And if you’re very lucky, a green 306 bus!

Church – Though the Church does not feature in the comic itself, it is the seminal front cover! Situated on the Grand Parade, take yourself on the beach opposite and get some sand, sun and sky when taking a photo! The washed dreamy sun afternoon colours compared to the dark strong church is a good comparison, so do as Miyazaki did on the front cover and gets all the elements in there.

Now you’ve done taking photos send them to us via the site or Twitter! Let us know how your day out was and what it’s like to follow in the steps on Hayeo Miyazaki! We can’t quite get to Japan but we have a little bit of Japan in our back beach.



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