Film: Matango



Film: Matango (マタンゴ)

When: Sunday 23rd of September – 19:30

Where: Star and Shadow Cinema  (Directions)


Price: £5/£3.50


Living in an abandoned shipwreck covered in moss and fungus, the characters are severely tested by hunger and desire. Between the dwindling provisions, simmering resentments and sexual tensions, they weaken one by one and consume the prolific and prodigious fungi despite well-founded fears that the mushrooms degenerate the nervous system.


The “laughing mushrooms,” as they are called provide a sense of well-being and take away the hunger, but gradually transform the diner into a walking shitake with a bad attitude and a “come join us” agenda. – From Star & Shadow


This looks like it’s going to be a real gem and amazingly it’s on 35mm print as well! And frankly how could you say no to a film that was released in America under the title ‘Attack of the Mushroom People’?



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