Music: Crossfaith


Band: Crossfaith  (クロスフェイス) SUPPORTING Bring Me The Horizon

When: Tuesday the 30th April 2013 — 7:00pm

Where: Newcastle University Student Union (Directions)

Price: £16.87  Buy Tickets Here

Support: Crossfaith,


The Osaka based Metalcore band return to the UK shores to support ‘Bring Me The Horizon’. All the bands lyrics are in English and they have been picking up quite the following in recent years internationally due to their mix of metal and electronica.

“Crossfaith was formed in November of 2006 and the current lineup is Vocal/ Koie, Gt/ Kazuki, Ba/ Hiroki, Dr/Tatsu, Program, Vision/ Teru. Crossfaith is a band that evolutes Metalcore/Hardcore based aggressive songs with introducing strings and electronica sound effects to add catchy melody and unique structures of the songs.

As they are getting bigger and bigger in Japan, the band’s high potential crosses the seas. “The Dream, The Space” was released in the USA on 13th of September from Tragic Hero and getting postive reactions from kids in the USA. The band currently has experienced t tour outside Japan with Parkway Drive in China and in South East Asia with Alesana.

Crossfaith is the rare and genuine Japanese rock band that can be rated high internatinally and their quest of artistic imagination goes on and on.” —


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