Geordie Japan Featured In ‘Wor Diary’ 2013


We are very proud to announce that Geordie Japan is featured in ‘Wor Diary’ this year! Wor Diary is a yearly, collectively drawn, not for profit DIY diary. Each week is drawn by a different person in their own unique style, and the diary also features other things such as recipes, drawing pages, political info, how-to guides, useful info and resources for the local area.


There are plenty of helpful, interesting and unique things within the diary. Not least May 20th – 26th which features a hand drawn week by Geordie Japan! The week contains a guide to doing something Japanese in Newcastle for seven days straight. It’s great to have been included in the production of the diary and we are very proud to have our own page in it. We would encourage anyone looking for a diary to pick one up!


Geordie Japan Featured In Wor Diary 2013

Geordie Japan Featured In Wor Diary 2013


So how can you get your hands on one? Well there are two ways, firstly you can go in person to Travelling Man Newcastle (43 Grainger Street, NE1 5JE) and find one in the small press section for just £4. Alternatively you can buy one from the Wor Diary Etsy online store for the same price plus £1.50 p&p.


So why not pick one up if you are in the need for a unique diary? Numbers are strictly limited so if you want one, grab one as soon as you can!



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