Japanese Christmas Music


December is Christmas extravaganza month on Geordie Japan, expect lots of Christmas Related articles in the run up to Christmas, starting today!


Ho Ho Ho! ‘Tis the season to be Jolly! But what’s that? You’re not feeling jolly and in the Christmas spirit yet? Well Geordie Japan has  just the remedy for you! What you need is some lovely Christmas tunes to get you in the mood, but forget Maria Carey or Bing Crosby, you need some Japanese Christmas music! But where would you find such a thing? Right here on Geordie Japan of course!


Click on the youtube video below for a playlist of 16 Japanese Christmas songs complete with music videos. Under the video you can find a track listing and individual links to all the songs! If you enjoy it, please share the link with your friends.


Click here to play the playlist from youtube


  1.  Momoiro Clover Z – “Santa San
  2. SKAway – “Jingle Bells
  3. C-ute – “Aitai Lonely Christmas
  4. Foxxi Misq – “Last Christmas
  5. AKB48 – “Anata To Christmas Eve” (Live)
  6. Crazy Ken Band – “Hallelujah Xmas
  7. B’z – “Itsuka No Merry Christmas
  8. Perfume – “Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
  9. Nozomi Sasaki feat. Pentaphonic – “Jin Jin Jingle Bell”
  10. Pucchimoni – “Pittari Shitai X’mas!
  11. Shonen Knife – “Sweet Christmas
  12. Nicotine – “Last Christmas
  13. BIRTH – “I Love You
  14. SKAway – “Here Comes Santa Claus
  15. Unknown – Lets call it “Push Our Faces Together“.
  16. BUMP OF CHICKEN – “Merry Christmas
  17. SMAP – “Christmas Night
  18. Namie Amuro – “White Light
  19. Fukuyama Masaharu – “Heart of Xmas” (Live)
  20. Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio – “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” (Live)
  21. BoA – “Santa Baby


So consider that you’re first Christmas present from Geordie Japan! If you know any other Japanese Christmas songs that should be on this list let us know with a link in the comments! Please not that only songs with music videos are being added to this list! Check back throughout December for more of our Christmas Extravaganza!




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