How do you say Merry Christmas in Japanese?



A KFC Xmas in Japan, sent in by one of our readers, @CraigedyCraig, Thanks!

A KFC Xmas in Japan, sent in by one of our readers, @CraigedyCraig, Thanks!

Please note that for this article you will have to have Japanese characters turned on to get the best of it (a quick google of the name of your browser + turn on Japanese characters should sort you out)


In a quick Friday update you can learn in a few minutes how to wish someone Merry Christmas in Japanese.


The simplest answer is that Christmas is a foreign concept to the Japanese, so for them to say Merry Christmas they would simply say “Merry Christmas”. However those unfamiliar with the English tongue would adapt it to use Japanese syllables and say “Merii Kurisumasu”. It’s really that simple!


So how do you write this is Japanese? Well like so;


(Merii Kurisumasu)

This is written in Katakana, the Japanese alphabet for foreign words translated into Japanese. Write it in your Christmas cards this year to impress your friends!


Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, you can read more about that next week. So people don’t tend to say it to one another as we do in the West, unless wishing it to a Westerner of course. So now you know, simpler than it may seem but impressive to write in cards!


Until next time, メリークリスマス!!!!



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