Who are you?

My name is Chris, I studied film studies at university specialising in Japanese film and the director Takashi Miike, I am currently studying Japanese.

Why Geordie-Japan?

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s inhabitants are known as Geordies, I hoped Geordie-Japan would convey that is was about Japanese events in Newcastle, rather than a single Geordie in Japan.

Do you just post about Japanese things in Newcastle?

That will be the bulk of the site, but it will also encompass other Asian events in Newcastle/NE within reason if we think they will be of interest. We hope to include features, interviews and more in the future, who knows!

I know of a Japanese event coming up and I don’t see it featured, how do I get in touch?

You can either leave a comment on the blog, or tweet/direct message us on twitter @GeordieJapan

Do you do reviews on the blog?

Notreviews as such. We are here to recommend Japanese things in Newcastle and a certain amount of reviewing creeps into that but for example we may highlight or do a feature on a resturaunt, but we will not review it as we are certainly not food critics! A quick google search can get you that!

I have spotted an error or something that is missing from a feature!

We would like to stress that Geordie Japan is a community driven blog, if you have something to add or have seen a mistake then let us know and we will look into amending or adding to the post. Leave a comment on the blog, or tweet/direct message us on twitter @GeordieJapan

Do you run any events?

Not at this time but possibly in the future. If you are running an event and would like us involved let us know!

How often do you post?

As often as we can, sadly real life sometimes gets in the way of posting but even if nothing has been posted on the site for a few days the twitter account is normally active.

Can I write for you?

Sure, send us over an example of your work tailored for our site (whatever you like as long as it somehow involves Japan and Newcastle, but please no straight up Anime reviews and the like) to chrissantosemail1138@gmail.com  and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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