Exhibition – Tsunami: Archaeology of a Disaster

***This Event Has Now Passed***


Event:  Tsunami: Archaeology of a Disaster (Photography Exhibition)

When: Now – Saturday 16 March. Gallery Open Tue – Sat, 11am – 5pm (Thurs until 7pm)

Where: Side Gallery (Directions)

Website: http://www.amber-online.com/sections/side-gallery/pages/current-exhibition

Price: Free

A new exhibition of work from Photographer Dean Chapman documenting the aftermath of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan. This ongoing event is free and highly recommended.

“On Friday 11th March 2011, as the end of the working week moved to its close, many people in Japan would have been looking forward to a late winter’s weekend. Then, at 2:46 in the afternoon, a colossal earthquake struck deep beneath the Pacific Ocean some 45 miles off of Japan’s northeast coast. Tsunami sirens wailed along the length of Japan’s eastern seaboard and local announcements repeatedly implored people to flee to higher ground: it wasn’t an exercise and that a “major tsunami”, was heading their way. It is reckoned the first tsunami reached the coast some 26 minutes later. Within an hour thousands had drowned, towns and cities had been destroyed, and a major nuclear accident was unfolding.

Three months after the catastrophe, Dean Chapman traveled down the northeast coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island, photographing devastated communities that he had previously documented in the summer of 1999. This journey was repeated in the autumn of 2011. Then in the autumn of 2012, eighteen months after the disaster, Dean traveled north through the devastated region, again documenting the widespread damage and loss, as well as the slow methodical clean-up, and the beginnings of the reconstruction of infrastructure, communities and businesses. The documentation concentrates on the ‘Sanriku’ coast of Honshu, from Ishinomaki to Taro, and does not cover Fukushima.

The downstairs component of the exhibition will feature monochrome photographs of locations ‘before and after’ the tsunami, that are complemented by single and multi-print images of locations, objects and people. Consisting of colour images, the upstairs component of the exhibition will extend the narrative; featuring landscape, interior and portrait photographs, as well as images of fragments of everyday lives, and copy photographs of unclaimed snapshots slowly dissolving because of exposure to the elements. The exhibition seeks to examine the representation of catastrophe and loss, and perceptions of ‘the Japanese’ and their unique cultural heritage. The photographer’s travel map will also be on display in the upstairs space.

Dean Chapman is an award-winning photographer who has work extensively in Asia for over twenty years, and is the winner of the 1998 European Publishers’ Award for Photography for his documentation of the Karenni insurgency in Burma. Based in Newcastle and represented by Panos Pictures Agency in London, his photographs have been exhibited internationally and widely published. He has photographed in Japan periodically since 1993.” – Side Gallery


SunnyCon 2013

***This Event Has Now Passed***


Event:  Sunnycon 2013

When: Saturday & Sunday 23rd-24th March 2013

Where: Seaburn Center (Directions)

Website: http://www.sunnycon.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunderlandConvention

Price: £30 VIP, £25 13+, £10 Under 12’s

Tickets: available online here

Returning to Sunderland for it’s second year SunnyCon looks to take over the city once again, a must for anyone in the region interested in Anime, Manga or Japan in general.

“After the roaring success from last year’s SunnyCon, on Saturday & Sunday 23rd-24th March 2013 we will be back and bigger than ever hosting SunnyCon2. Our guest list so far includes Vic Mignogna, Ginny McQueen & Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Over the two days there will be new and exciting demonstrations, panels, Martials arts, shows & more as well as retail stalls, artist stands & a gaming area. We will have some delicious Japanese cuisine, so go on spoil yourself! Keep an eye on the events page to see what will be happening.

The event will be taking place in the Seaburn Centre situated on Sunderland’s coast line. Nearby we have a large Morrison’s supermarket. The event is from 9am for V.I.P ticket holders and from 10am for everyone else until 6pm. Keep it here and on our social networks for the latest updates including guests, events and other convention announcements.

Treat yourself! Come a long and immerse yourself in fascinating Japanese tradition.” – SunnyCon

Interactive Map



Here at Geordie Japan we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to visit Japanese establishments and events in and around Newcastle. So after a bit of testing and hard work we are proud to announce the Geordie Japan interactive map!

You can click here to see the map or the link will always appear on the right hand side of this page.


So far there are 30 markers on there covering 5 different categories 1) Asian Supermarkets 2) Japanese Restaurants* 3) Specialised Japanese Stores 4) Japanese Cinema 5) Japanese Attractions and History.


*Sometimes this is a bit of a grey area, I have included on this first version of the map explicitly Japanese restaurants and Asian fusion restaurants with a large Japanese menu selection.


But here’s what we want from you! Firstly feedback on the map itself, but also on additional venues that we may have missed (the map is very much a work in progress) or in the future, venues that have opened or closed. Are there any other categories you would like to see on there? Would you like to see all the Asian restaurants in Newcastle included on the map? Please let us know by either leaving a comment here or tweeting us!


So we hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

Japanese Tea at Tea Sutra


What: Tea Sutra Tea House (ティー スートラ)

Where: Newcastle City Centre (Directions)

Open: Mon-Sat 11.00-20.00 (Last Orders 19:30)

Website: http://teasutra.co.uk/default.aspx

Facebook: Fan Page


The Floor Space in Tea Sutra

Newcastle can sometimes be a stressful place and everyone needs to unwind from time to time, and what better way than with a nice pot of tea in a relaxing setting? That’s exactly what you get at Tea Sutra, conveniently placed in the heart of Newcastle, they serves over a hundred different types of tea from all over the world, including a large Japanese collection, as well as vegetarian and vegan food and savouries.


If you get the chance, try the Zashiki for the best experience.

Tea Sutra is set a few floors above street level in an inviting open space with huge windows that light is allowed to flood in through. Large green plants compliment the Asian style seating and hanging lights add a dreamy quality to the space. The two real stars of the setting though are the huge wall of tea, tea pots and tea related products that adorn the wall behind the bar and the large Zashiki sitting platform. The Zashiki features traditional floor seating with floor level tables as well as a selection of reading material on Asian culture.


Over 100 teas are available to drink at Tea Sutra with more added all the time.

There are almost too many teas to choose from on the menu but that means there’s always a new type to try whenever you go. Each tea is served in a different fashion depending on its variety ranging from infusion tea pots to elephant and camel shaped pots. Tea Sutra is a haven for tea enthusiasts, serving everything from familiar English tea to Sencha green tea, although it’s also worth checking out even if tea isn’t your thing, as you’re bound to find something that you can enjoy in this beautiful city centre relaxation spot.


There is also a selection of gifts available, including the previously mentioned elephant tea pots, as well as being able to purchase the various types of tea to take home. In addition to their tea services there are a range of treatment and therapy sessions available from acupuncture and massages to hypnotherapy, full details can be found on the website. Various special events occur in Tea Sutra including an open Japanese conversation group, Thursdays (6-8pm,) and a Closed Japanese conversation group for Newcastle University Japanese students only, Tuesdays (6-8pm), expect a feature on the open conversation group in the near future.


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy Japanese (or any other kind) of tea then you couldn’t find a more relaxing place than Tea Sutra.

Language Lesson: I’m from Newcastle


In what I hope will be a the first of many features here on Geordie-Japan here we have a simple lesson in Japanese specific to toon!

Picture this, you’re walking down Northumberland Street when suddenly a gentlemen stops you and says;


“Goshusshin wa doko desuka?” (Where do you come from?)

[Go-shu-sshin wa do-ko des-ka]


You can reply;

“Watashi wa Nyuukassuru kara desu” (I’m from Newcastle)

[Wa-ta-shi wa Nyuu-kass-uru ka-ra des]


There you go, now enjoy the awkward silence when you realise you can’t communicate past this point.


Welcome to Geordie Japan.


This is Geordie-Japan.

An odd combination if you ever heard one I’m sure. This blog has been set up to highlight something which I have noticed that is missing from the internet, in English anyway, a hopefully comprehensive blog on Japanese events in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

I’m hoping that this can become a reliable resource for anyone in Newcastle/the North East of England.