Music: FACT

***This Event Has Now Passed***


Band: FACT (Supporting ‘Your Demise’)

When: Wednesday 20 February – 6.30pm Doors

 Where: Newcastle O2 Academy (Directions)

Price: £11.25 ( Buy Tickets Here)


Other Support: ‘Heights’& ‘Counterparts’


The masked Japanese punk rock six piece return to the UK as part of their ’FACT World Tour 『burundanga』2012-2013′. Formed in 1999 FACT has gone on to great success in the Japanese punk scene and fresh on the heels of both gaining a new member (Adam on guitar, who is British) and releasing their 4th album the band are ready to hit the UK once again for the first time since 2010.


Geordie Japan’s 2012 Year In Review



Wow what a year, since launching on the 13th of March 2012 Geordie Japan has exploded far beyond what was ever expected of it. 2013 is set to be an exciting year for us but before we look to the future we should look back at the year that was 2012. In this review article you will find some interesting stats about the site and handily, for those of you who are new to the site, links to every article across the past year.


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Film: The Echo Of Astro Boy’s Footsteps




Film: The Echo Of Astro Boy’s Footsteps (アトムの足音が聞こえる)

When: Friday 11 January, 19:30pm

Where: The Star and Shadow Cinema (Directions)



Once again Zipangu Fest is bringing another fantastic film up to Newcastle’s Star and Shadow cinema and once again we can’t wait for this!!


“In 1963, Japan’s first ever animated TV series began broadcasting, Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. The series itself has entered the realms of legend, with its main character a cultural icon across much of the world. But outside of the adventures of its little boy robot star, the series is also remembered for its futuristic sound effects, the creation of the pioneering sound designer Matsuo Ohno.


“Once you grasp a sound, it becomes part of this world. I’m not interested in sounds that already exist,” this trailblazer of electrical experimental music is quoted as saying, and indeed, Ohno can be attributed as creating whole new sonic worlds. His aural alchemy found itself deployed in the works of such ground-breaking filmmakers as Hiroshi Teshigahara and Toshio Matsumoto, and the spatial sound systems for the pavilions at the Expo ’85 in Tsukuba.


And then, in the 1980s, Ohno suddenly disappeared from the public eye. This riveting documentary follows his career through the eyes of those who worked with him and the experimental musicians whom he inspired, through a combination of hypnotic sounds and extraordinary images as those left by the Astro Boy’s footsteps leads us to a revelation that is as moving as it is unexpected.


With narration provided by the world-renowned Pizzicato Five vocalist Maki Nomiya, and the film’s own sound design by the electronic musician Pardon Kimura, Mochinaga’s film features rare scenes and sounds from animated films such as Lupin the 3rdSpace Battleship Yamato and Mobile Suit Gundam.” — Zipangu Fest


Japanese Christmas Music


December is Christmas extravaganza month on Geordie Japan, expect lots of Christmas Related articles in the run up to Christmas, starting today!


Ho Ho Ho! ‘Tis the season to be Jolly! But what’s that? You’re not feeling jolly and in the Christmas spirit yet? Well Geordie Japan has  just the remedy for you! What you need is some lovely Christmas tunes to get you in the mood, but forget Maria Carey or Bing Crosby, you need some Japanese Christmas music! But where would you find such a thing? Right here on Geordie Japan of course!


Click on the youtube video below for a playlist of 16 Japanese Christmas songs complete with music videos. Under the video you can find a track listing and individual links to all the songs! If you enjoy it, please share the link with your friends.


Click here to play the playlist from youtube

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Band: FUSHITSUSHA(不失者), NHK’KOYXEN & PAIN JERK (ペイン・ジャーク) @ TUSK Festival

When: Whole Festival (5-7 October), PAIN JERK (Fri 6th Oct 8.40pm) FUSHITSUSHA (Sun 7th Oct 10:30pm)  NHK’KOYXEN (Sat 6th Oct 10:20pm)

Where: Star and Shadow Cinema (Directions)

Price: £35.00 (Whole Festival)  Buy Tickets Here – Limited day tickets available on the door



Visiting the UK as part of the TUSK festival at the Star and Shadown cinema are the Japanese bands FUSHITSUSHA, NHK’KOYXEN & PAIN JERK.
FUSHITSUSHA – “Keiji Haino turned 60 this year and is as enigmatic and devastating a performer as ever. Its hard to convey the range of Haino’s musical vision – as explosive during his hypnotising solo sets lasting hours where he interacts with a stage full of instruments as he is with his brand of scything blues, his flailing earthquake psychedelia, intricate gamelan performances, explorations with traditional Japanese instruments or volcanic feedback, its impossible to anticipate how a Keiji Haino live performance might unfold.” – TUSK

NHK’KOYXEN – “Kouhei Matsunaga’s genre-blindness is literally music to our ears. The prolific Japanese producer runs the machine-music gamut from crunched electronics to Henry Chopin-inspired compositions to the sounds he creates as NHK’Koyxeи and which the Pan label describes as “music for the dancefloor and/or altered state reflection”. But Matsunaga’s broad palette has crafted an admirably eclectic (and lengthy) discography, showing him equally at ease in collaborations with Conrad Schnitzler, Rudolf, Sean Booth (Autechre), Merzbow and Sensational (Jungle Brothers), who he’s both recorded and toured with of late.” — TUSK

PAIN JERK – “Tokyo’s Kohei Gomi began experimenting with home recording in the 1980s and got so lost in extreme sonics that his output inevitably spilled out into the wider world. By the mid-90s, Pain Jerk was one of the most prolific and influential noise units operating out of Japan, hurling maelstroms of chaotic chunder and deranged grime at anyone who could handle the extremes. Always brutally visceral in a live situation, experiencing Pain Jerk at close quarters through the TUSK Festival sound system is going to be a very demanding kind of pleasure.” — TUSK


Music: Shonen Knife



Band: Shonen Knife  (少年ナイフ)

When: 4th October 2012 — 8:00pm

Where: The Cluny (Directions)

Price: £12.00 (£13.20 with booking) Buy Tickets Here

Support: None

Restrictions: None


Shonen Knife, which literally translates to ‘boy knife’, are a all female punk-pop group hailing from Osaka, Japan. The band have developed a cult following in the West, in large part due to their championing by the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

The band have been working tirelessly since 1981, when their founder first heard The Ramones and decided to form a band herself. 31 years and 19 albums later Shonen Knife are still going strong embarking on a worldwide tour to support their latest release ‘Pop Tune’. This is a great chance to see a legendary Japanese band live in Newcastle, so don’t miss this opportunity!

If you like the Ramones, this should be right up your street.


Music Event: Guitar Wolf


Band: Guitar Wolf  (ギターウルフ)

When: Tuesday 5th June 2012 — 8:00pm

Where: The Cluny (Directions)

Price: £12.00 (£13.20 with booking) Buy Tickets Here

Support: ‘Fathoms’

Restrictions: Over 18’s only

Officially Guitar Wolf’s music is listed as “jet rock ‘n’ roll”  and it’s a pretty apt description. Blending Ramones style punk with rockabilly, noise and garage rock n’ roll Guitar Wolf have their own unique style and they are bringing it to Newcastle in June 2012.

Formed in Harajuku in 1987 Guitar Wolf have gone on to release nine studio albums as well as several EPs and a live album. The band each adopted the surname Wolf to reflect the Ramones influence on the band, and their instrument as their first names. The band consist of Guitar Wolf (Seiji), Bass Wolf (U.G) and Drum Wolf (Toru), U.G is the most recent member of the band joining in 2005 after the previous Bass Wolf (Billy) sadly passed away.

Guitar Wolf are known not only for their music but their style, decked out in leather from head to toe, rockabilly styled haircuts and always rocking the shades. Their live shows ooze as much cool as their appearance does, ignoring the frantic pace that they play at reportedly the live shows in the past have seen props such as giant over sized amps, huge light displays and microphones that spew fire. How much of that will be in the Cluny is debatable, but what’s not is that Guitar Wolf will be delivering a frantic live show with an unmatched energy that will assault your eardrums.

Visit the official site here