Band: FUSHITSUSHA(不失者), NHK’KOYXEN & PAIN JERK (ペイン・ジャーク) @ TUSK Festival

When: Whole Festival (5-7 October), PAIN JERK (Fri 6th Oct 8.40pm) FUSHITSUSHA (Sun 7th Oct 10:30pm)  NHK’KOYXEN (Sat 6th Oct 10:20pm)

Where: Star and Shadow Cinema (Directions)

Price: £35.00 (Whole Festival)  Buy Tickets Here – Limited day tickets available on the door



Visiting the UK as part of the TUSK festival at the Star and Shadown cinema are the Japanese bands FUSHITSUSHA, NHK’KOYXEN & PAIN JERK.
FUSHITSUSHA – “Keiji Haino turned 60 this year and is as enigmatic and devastating a performer as ever. Its hard to convey the range of Haino’s musical vision – as explosive during his hypnotising solo sets lasting hours where he interacts with a stage full of instruments as he is with his brand of scything blues, his flailing earthquake psychedelia, intricate gamelan performances, explorations with traditional Japanese instruments or volcanic feedback, its impossible to anticipate how a Keiji Haino live performance might unfold.” – TUSK

NHK’KOYXEN – “Kouhei Matsunaga’s genre-blindness is literally music to our ears. The prolific Japanese producer runs the machine-music gamut from crunched electronics to Henry Chopin-inspired compositions to the sounds he creates as NHK’Koyxeи and which the Pan label describes as “music for the dancefloor and/or altered state reflection”. But Matsunaga’s broad palette has crafted an admirably eclectic (and lengthy) discography, showing him equally at ease in collaborations with Conrad Schnitzler, Rudolf, Sean Booth (Autechre), Merzbow and Sensational (Jungle Brothers), who he’s both recorded and toured with of late.” — TUSK

PAIN JERK – “Tokyo’s Kohei Gomi began experimenting with home recording in the 1980s and got so lost in extreme sonics that his output inevitably spilled out into the wider world. By the mid-90s, Pain Jerk was one of the most prolific and influential noise units operating out of Japan, hurling maelstroms of chaotic chunder and deranged grime at anyone who could handle the extremes. Always brutally visceral in a live situation, experiencing Pain Jerk at close quarters through the TUSK Festival sound system is going to be a very demanding kind of pleasure.” — TUSK