Site Update

Hello everyone,

Due to my moving away to Japan this blog is on hiatus for the time being. Thank you all for visiting and hopefully you can make use of the the archived posts.


10,000 Visitors & A Site Update


A little over a month ago we posted an article in honour of 7000 visitors to Geordie Japan, a little over a month later and we are proud to announce that last week we hit 10,000 visitors! We’re truly overwhelmed by how the site has taken off and we’d like to say thank you to every single one of you that visits the site for supporting us. It’s so great to see that there is such a community interested is so many different aspects of Japanese culture. We are working on some behind the scenes things in an attempt to make the site as user friendly as we can, working within wordpress can be a little slow, but they are coming!


A little bit of a site update for you now, Geordie Japan is run by a very small team that for the most part consists of one person. So occasionally real life (i.e. work) gets in the way and that’s why the site has been a little quiet over the last week or so. But stay tuned, this week will see some articles posted later on.


While we’ve got you here, have you ever wondered if you could contribute to the site? Well there are several ways that you can

  1. Fancy writing for us? Even just a one off? Then drop us an email and we will see what we can work out
  2. Noticed a Japanese event that’s not up on the site? Then tweet us and let us know!
  3. Like the site? (We hope you do) Then please tell your friends about us and follow us on twitter
  4. Think you can help the site in any other way? Email us!


So thanks again to you all, we’ll leave you with this beautiful giant cookie adorned with the Japanese flag that arrived to commemorate 10,000 visitors!



Site Update: Contributors Wanted


Welcome once again to Geordie Japan. Your guide to everything Japanese in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne!

I have a few exciting announcements about the site going forward.


Firstly I am happy to announce that we are nearly at the 1000 individual visitors mark for the blog, as well as having many followers on Twitter. I had been planning a special blog for the 1000 visitor mark so you should be seeing that in a few days, and it’s a good one! I’m really happy with how the Blog/Twitter has taken off and I’m hoping to continue to grow the site for everyone in Newcastle and the surrounding area who has an interest in Japanese things.


The second announcement is that I have realised that there will be weeks where I cannot find the time to write an article a day or every two days due to work and other commitments. So to counter this, in addition to continuing to contribute myself, I am looking for a few contributors to assist me in contributing content. The info follows below;

  • Must contribute one article per week (looking for 3-4 contributors)
  • Have a good grasp on spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • The articles must be 300 words minimum, usually about a 600 word maximum although longer articles can be published upon discussion
  • The articles must be linked to Newcastle in some way, no anime reviews or so on
  • Live in or around Newcastle
  • Be enthusiastic about both Newcastle and Japan/Japanese Culture
  • This is not a paid position
  • Anyone interested please email Chris at ‘’. please put in the subject ‘Geordie Japan Contributor Request’ – I will then contact you about how we proceed forward from this (I will ask for a sample article from you after initial contact)


Finally with the addition of contributors this will allow me to free up some time to properly redesign the layout of the site to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.


Geordie Japan aims to continue to bring you interesting articles related to Japan and Newcastle, update you with the latest Japanese events around town, maintain our twitter account so you can be notified of the latest posts immediately and we hope to expand into new and exciting areas.


What can you do for Geordie Japan? Well, firstly please continue to check this blog and follow our twitter account. Spread the word, please tell others about us that you think will be interested in our content, retweet our tweets to your followers. If you think you want to become involved then apply to contribute to the site above. And if you have any ideas for us then get in contact via the email or via twitter.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and please visit us again soon!